Welcome Bengal Lovers!

I am a small Bengal Cattery from  Mecklenburg Vorpommern/Germany.

My passion and love for these special babies began in year 2011, hence the name - Pure Passion Bengals! :-)

I value the health, character and wild look of our bengals.

All of my little ones and adults grow up in the middle of the family and are fully integrated into the daily lives. A separate cat room in which they can retire, of course is not missing.

A high-quality diet, as well as a lot of play and cuddles are at the top of the agenda.

They are a part of my family -  and everyone feels it when they come to visit us and our Bengals.

My kittens have already found a loving home not only in Germany also worldwide - which makes me very proud.

I am specialized in the colors Snow, Silver, Silversnow, Brown and Charcoal. Our Cattery is HCM, PKD, Pk def and PRA negative tested and  free of endoparasites, giardia, coccidia and tritrichomonas.

We are very pleased that you are interested in my breeding and in a serious Bengal breeder and I hope that you can get a little impression here on my homepage.


Sincerly yours,

Pure Passion Bengals