Some interested customers are wondering if the price for their new family member is justified, because it is difficult to imagine that a breeder has such "high"expenditures for a kitten.

We would like to explain to you in more detail how the price for a kitten from our breed is made up.

Let's start with how a serious breeding is designed:


* Every breeding Queen and King has been carefully selected (lines, health, quality, color genetics,profile, body etc.). Here you have to look all around the world for the best and you can expect a price of 2500.00 € (or even higher) for each breeding cat plus shipping fees around 500.00-1000.00 €.


When our new family member arrives, he or she has to be in quarantine and will be extensively examined by our veterinarian (health check, blood test, drop profile, ..) to ensure that he or she does not bring any diseases into our own cattery.


* Every reputable breeder screens all his breeding cats  regularly (every 1-2 years, depending on the recommendation). Cost per cat here: € 250.00


* Each breeding cat is tested once for hereditary diseases and colors (PK def., PRA b, FiV, FelV, Coat Color): €300.00


* The drop should be tested for parasites and unicellular organisms every 3 months. Cost: € 75.00 per test


* Annual vaccinations of all breeding cats : € 75.00 per animal


* high-quality feed and litter is around 150-200€ per month without kittens


* Regular deworming of all animals: € 20.00 every 3 months


* Club membership: € 60.00


* regular replacement of toys, carpets, scratching posts, painting, our own things,... (difficult to estimate)


It continues with the pregnant mum until the kittens move out at the age of 15-16 weeks. Let us assume a healthy course without complications.


* Monthly additional costs for food, litter and toys approx. 100 euros per month


* Veterinarian costs with deworming, chipping, EU vaccination certificate, 2x cat cold / plague, leukosis, chlamydia and rabbies vaccination, drop profile and health certificate: € 350.00 per kitten


* Pedigree until. 4th generation: € 30.00 per kitten


* Litter announcement: one-off € 10.00


* Starter package with litter, food, toys, tunnels, beds, ... Between. 75, 00 and 100.00 €


In addition, there is the time, love and care that you invest to have a fantastic and healthy Bengal kitten with a breathtaking character, which will give you a lifetime full of pleasure.


We hope we were able to explain the price question to you and make it easier for you where the price of a serious breeder is coming from.


Here we also want to say that these are our prices. Costs for vets and tests can depend on country.


Pets, as the word suggests are pets looking for their forever home. This kitten should not be bred.


If a kitten goes into a cattery/breeding programm you sell your years of work and you also sell your "rights". Hence the extra charge. We rarely give our kittens into catteries. If we do so then only to selected, reputable and small catteries, in which the kitten is guaranteed a family life like our breeding cats have.



Pet Prices


€ 1200.00

*in case you decide to take two Bengalkittens from our cattery we grand a reduce of € 150.00 for each Kitten.


Breeding/Show Kittens depending on Quality and Color


€ 2500.00 - € 3500.00


* To reserve a kitten for you we take a non refundable deposit of 250,00 € for a pet and 500,00 € for a breeder, which will be charged on  delivery with the total price.